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November 02, 2016


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Linda K

lovely thoughts and fairy Julie. Happy PPF!


She looks wonderful!
Happy PPF xx


I like the story behind Trillium. Hopefully more and more people will try to make the world a better place ....


We so desperately need to make this world better place!
Wonderful post again, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie


Sometimes it is hard to focus on the positives when so many negatives are assaulting us. Good luck to your lovely Trillium. May we be receptive to her reminder. Happy PPF

Carol L Samsel

Live the art and the message with it. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the negative things going on I do remind myself that it has always been everywhere ....we just didn't have ability have it thrown in our face 24/7. Bombardment of negativity that really we receive from the news media,social networking and the "ENTERTAINMENT " world is short circuiting out hearts and brains. :( I chose to turn it offor more and more.


Trillium is a lovely fairy - inside and out. Very nice sentiment! Thank you for sharing her. Happy PPF!


Well I just love her and what she stands for. Great hair, lovely clothing and a spirit of love.

June Walker

I enjoyed reading about this fairy's philosophy. Your fairy series is lovely!

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