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November 19, 2015


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Lynn Richards

Lovely colors in your work.
I think there is room for all kinds of blogs- chatty or mysterious!


Beautiful painting, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Kate Robertson

This piece is beautiful, I love the color and imagery. I know what you mean about sharing on line. It's hard to know what to do so I just go with my gut feelings.



Gorgeous wintry scene! Depending where you are in life what you share! I think you instinctively know what works for you! If you have doubts don't share. I am older so it's time, however I am still very selective what I share. If one person leaves my blog with a different perspective then it's worth the spilling a bit of my heart! Go with your gut!! It works for your creativity that's for sure!

Hugs Giggles


Lovely magical painting. There is very fascinating atmsphere.
Happy PPF xx


Beautiful painting. I share just my art although like you admire those who share more. Do what you feel comfortable with.

Erika N

Interesting piece. I love how you added the little animal faces in there1

Linda K

Your dreamscape is gorgeous Julie!! When I post it always come from the heart and that's all I care about-not whether it's too much, not enough, etc. etc. Happy PPF!


Love it & be brave, share whatever you like, however others judge/coment, that is not your problem, you are evolving with each post, really ,share what you are comfortable with, this is fabulous x


Another wonderful whimsical piece.

I know what you mean about where to draw the line. One of the reasons I neglected my blog for a lot of the year, was not being in a good place and not wanting that to come through.


Love this. The colors are amazing.

Stefanie Stark

Yes, I share your thoughts. Also for me it's difficult to share everything on my blog, because not everyone should be informed about my troubles etc. especially I do not want my boss or some of my colleagues to read about that. - I love your picture showing this beautiful forest scene with the animals and I love the colors you have used!

Lisa Isabella Russo

Oh this is beautiful and elegant! I love the colors and the hidden elements. I'm torn between being very private and a tendency to ramble on... It's difficult sometimes to strike a balance...

Julie Engelhardt

Thanks so much for all your kind and wise thoughts everyone!

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