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October 28, 2015


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Lovely work, happy PPF, Valerie

Gloria J Zucaro

So interesting. I like the contrasted antlers on your "dark" dear. And the feeling of something about to happen??


Beautiful post - that is SO true! Going in, going deep, these are necessary things! I like the use of harmonious & harmful .... lovely painting!! Makes me want to use some of my black gesso on a canvas soon!
Happy PPF


Fab colours in your art. Happy PPF

karla b

I love the dark too and I love your art. Gorgeous!

sheila 77

This is truly a wonderful painting, there is so much to look at - the creatures and the seedheads and plants. Love the way you use colour here, it's magical.

Erika N

Cool piece. I am trying to figure out if it is all quilted or mixed media?

Julie Engelhardt

Valerie, thanks
Gloria, thank you and I'm sure something is about to happen ;)
Nadya, Thanks so much for your thoughts
Clare, thanks
Karla, thanks so much
Sheila, Thank you for your kind words :)
Erika, thank you and it is mixed media


Lovely piece, great design!

Julie Engelhardt

Christine, thank you


It's a beautiful piece. love your color choices.


Beautiful piece and awesome words. I love the dark as well. This time of year is when things for me flourish. Love your painting.


What a lovely painting. I've always liked winter because of the cozy feeling that comes when I'm all nestled in next to the fire with a good book. Not so much this winter, though. Due to life-changes. We shall see how this winter feels. Have a lovely weekend!

Julie Engelhardt

Jo, thank you

Gloria, thanks for your thoughts

Beth, thank you, I hope you find some coziness this winter


Slowly getting back into this blog thing, thanks for the comment :)

Glad to see you're still making your enchanting artwork, along with wonderful words to match.

Julie Engelhardt

Nigel, thanks and glad to see you are back.


Beautiful art. I need the light to be productive, positive and feel alive. Without windows there would be NO progress (for me). Blessings, Janet PPF

Julie Engelhardt

Janet, thank you and yes the light is equally as important.

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