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August 14, 2013


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This is beautiful, Julie!
I always thought your work told stories. It is a very liberating way to work. I often do let the paint do what it wants, but that's because I am not a good painter, but I seldom get such magical results :)
Sue xxx


Julie, this is another of your really stunning paintings. Wild and free is good and that place between sleeping and waking is a very ethereal place. Amazing you can tap into it like this

Julie Engelhardt

Gwen, thanks so much, yes wild and free is good! And I'd like to be in that place more often.

Sue, thank you, I really love when someone can read a story in my art. :)


Gorgeous color!


Your painting has so much color and depth! Beautiful!


It's beautiful Julie. Lots of detail. Thanks.


Great description of that feeling, wonderful work. xox


That is a stunning and very powerful piece, it has a life of its own.
I do the odd piece where I just let it go, but usually I've got an idea in place beforehand. It's good when it does happen though :)

Gina Sismilich

The painting is so very special - purple and orange make wonderful siblings. I often paint intuitively and need to do more. Love letting the paint decide what I will find there.

Anne Manda

Beautiful magical piece, love it! <3 I usually have sort of vision first, what i'm going to draw... maybe I should try your way! :)


Oh yes, for me that's the most intense and satisfying way of painting. Love your strong colours!


This is beautiful Julie. I love looking at your art. I am always amazed at how intricate and detailed your work is. Each part of the painting can stand alone but then when you put it all together there is a story there to see.

I try to paint like this but have not reached that place yet. Hopefully soon I will be able to paint from my heart without interruption from my head.

Julie Engelhardt

Kim, Thanks!
Debbie, Thank you!
Gloria, Thanks!
Corrine, Thank you!

Julie Engelhardt

Nigel, thanks yes it is good when it happens.
Gina, thank you, yes I think purple and orange work wonderful together too. :)

Julie Engelhardt

Anne Manda, thanks so much!
Denthe, thank you, yes it is very satisfying isn't it.

Julie Engelhardt

Ginny, thank you your kind words mean a lot to me.


I think this is a lovely painting. I love it when it all comes together in that intuitive flow.

Julie Engelhardt

Laney, thank you!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

There is so much texture in this, Julie. At first I thought it was a fabric collage. I think that when your art comes from that place between waking and sleeping it's coming direct from your unconscious mind, and giving you symbols about what's important in your life right now. I've been doing a bit of reading around this lately.

Julie Engelhardt

Janice, very true and a good reminder to pay action to the symbols. :)

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