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September 18, 2012


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She is magnificent. Her hair is so beautifully floral and wild. I do believe that our natures are free, as wild as we dare and magical if we keep our eyes wide open to possibilities.
Lovely work!


I love the magic in your blog and can connect to it, wonderful piece, as well as the piece below, enchanting. Your art is very beautiful, full of such magic and dreams.


Love it! I especially like the flowers growing out of the head, that's just awesome!! I've been dreaming of far less magical things and more....hmmmm well, it's a teddy bear obsession. I DON'T KNOW WHY? Seriously, I do go for strange or dark or whimsical things. This Teddy obsession is so super cute and off track. Thanks for asking! I love it when bloggers want to get to know one another :) xoxo

Mary C. Nasser

Wonderful blues and details, too!

Happy PPF!!

Linda K

my first time with PPF and I'm so loving checking the lnks! Yes,there is magic in nature. I love how we an pick up on that and use it in such creative ways as you have done-really beautiful!!


She is just lovely. Those flowers in her hair are fabulous. Yes, I am a believer that our true nature is magical. Happy PPF


Yes! Free and wild - our true nature!! Love the feel to this piece - and the contrast in warm and cool colors. She is lovely!


She looks very dreamy and very happy:) I like the way you painted the blues of her body- almost iridescent. You might like to share your more orange work on Mandarin Orange Monday (it reopens tomorrow night).


Great color!! Lots of fun here!!
Happy ppf!!

Hugs Giggles

Annette G

Your blue being is fab, full of life and energy. Happy PPF, Annette x

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