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September 28, 2012


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What a beautiful is sort of abstract, but definitely peppery:)
Thanks for those thought-provoking words :)


Gorgeous expressive painting and excellent inspiring post ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Annette G

Loving your inspiration. Happy PPF, Annette x

Mary C. Nasser

Gorgeous painting, Julie!
I had a similar realization when I saw the seeds from my coneflowers last month. :)
Happy PPF!!
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We save all our seeds and always they come back the following year. We have done this forever. Saves money and fills us with insiration as to life and living. Love your painting. Thanks for painting. Regards from a gardener.

Daniele Valois

oh fabulous thoughts. Fabulous painting! Awesome post!!!

Carolyn Dube

Love the way you've made the colors interact! Happy PPF!


i love the abstract feel of this...and the beautiful color palette.


Lovely post and sentiment behind it! And your painting is gorgeous and lush!


Julie, your painting is beautiful. I love the colors and the way everything seems to flow. When I read your words I got such a strong visual picture of all of the different types seeds we could plant and the good we could do with them in so many ways. Thank you for such an inspiring post.

Gina Sismilich

Wonderful abstract painting and very true words! The colors do evoke a pepper!


What a beautiful thought...a lifetime of peppers stretching before you. Your painting really does capture that sense of plenty and fullness.


A beautiful painting, and a lovely post. Also I never through about using the capsicum seeds to grow plants, I just buy the plants...genius idea. A lightbulb just clicked on. I just got very excited!!


Beautiful, spontaneous painting - and all from a pepper:) You might also like to share your work on Mandarin Orage Monday when it reopens tonight:)


Amazing metaphor for life!! We can always find small seeds of joy in everything.... There is enough to go around...we need to look closer, have faith and experience everything in the moment!! Excellent post, beautiful painting!!!

Hugs Giggles

Julie Engelhardt

Sue, Carol and Annette, Thank You!

Mary, That's awesome!

Gloria, How Wonderful!

Daniele, Carolyn, Molly, Denthe, Ginny, Gina, Carlarey, Thanks so much!

Natasha, Thank you and I'm so glad a lightbulb clicked on for you!

Lori, Thanks and I will check it out.

Giggles, Thanks and so true.


Fantastic picture.

I don't have green thumbs, but peppers and chillies are one thing even I can grow.


scarlett clay

That's so the way you used something small from nature to draw such big truths!!

Julie Engelhardt

Nigel, thanks and I'm sure your thumbs are green enough!

Scarlett, thank you!

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