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June 12, 2012


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Happy Birthday. I love your idea of a birthday color.
Your painting is wonderful. It is so full of color and energy and happiness. There are so many things to look at that I find myself going back again and again to be sure that I have not missed anything. It's beautiful.

Stephanie Corder

Such a magical painting- I love mermaids!
Happy PPF,

Annette G

loving your idea of a birthday color. Beautiful magical painting. Happy PPF, Annette x


These colours just … blow me away


This is quite lovely. Your bold colours splashed within your shades of blue are wonderful! :) Happy PPF

Nora Clemens-Gallo

Beautiful, beautiful colors. I love the movement you created in your piece!!
Great Job!


Yay..Happy Birthday and happy Summer Solstice..nice to know a kindred...wishing you much magic and joy! and wow...gorgeous and mesmerzing art..totally blissful!Wonderful piece!!

Gina Sismilich

Really lovely piece!


I love the idea of a birthday color! How perfectly brilliant. I am taking up the color vs. number banner!
I can totally see that having a June 20th birthday has influenced your spirit. How marvelous to get to celebrate your birthday on a day with such significance and energy.


Very expressive! I can feel the ocean air and hear the beautiful music! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!


For some reason I really like the top of this painting best! ??? But the swirl of color lower down is lovely too! Funny, me seeing it in parts today.
I too am June born ... happy birthday!

HPPF too!

Mary Nasser

Happy Birthday!!
Beautiful variety of colors in this piece.
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art


Next week we'll celebrate Summer Solstice with our archery kids. We will have a huge fire and a barbecue and lots of fun. Happy PPF!

Elisa Choi

Advance happy birthday Julie! And I adore your painting! Magical and beautiful! Love the colors!


Happy Almost-Birthday to you, Julie. What a beautiful sun. I hope the mermaid is playing music that is sweet to your ears. Enjoy being violet!
Janice. x


Hello Julie, I love your art work, so spontaneous and flowing as well as colors melting, beautiful! Best wishes for your violet year! xx


Hope you had a wonderful birthday...what a beautiful painting:)

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