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May 02, 2012


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Julie, this is an interesting idea. I have always wanted a garden but we have not been very successful. Life at our house is pretty up and down right now with medical problems but when things calm down this might be something we could do. I will be following to see how it turns out. Good luck!


Good luck with the project, Julie. I have never heard of a no dig garden. Looking forward to hearing what you're planting, and how this method will benefit your plant choices.


hi julie,
lasagna garden looks good enough to eat (for a horse I guess). I'm sitting here with your mom and reading about it and asked her "what's a mushroom compost?" before I could finish she said ask her. hence my comment maybe dumb because I didn't finish reading the article. I got tjhe idea that the whole lasagna was a set up for next year's garden (a big compost pile layers for optimum composting a little heat but not too much to burn the sauce, hah lasagna.).


oh, and beautiful art, I have to come back to your blog...


dah, just finished. and I always plant in harmony with my moon. when I have plumber's crack, I turn my ass away from everyone to keep the harmony.

Julie Engelhardt

Thanks Ginny and Janice and very funny Gary!

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