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May 10, 2012


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I've never heard of gardening according to the moon phases. Very interesting. 'Love the dreamy quality of this painting.


My granny used the almanac to plant by the moon always. I learned it from her and do it to this day. I love your painting and reminds me of the super moon we just had. Love your work. Happy PPF.

Annette G

Beautiful and magical piece of art. Happy PPF, Annette x


Very interesting on gardening with moon phases. I have heard about it but haven't practiced it yet. Love your painting. You could almost reach out and touch it. I can feel it. Thanks for that.

Carol (artmusedog)

back to nature at its best ~ your painting is awesome and love how the moon glows ~ lovely ~ thanks namaste, ^_^


wow, so interesting. I love the idea "is like writing a love letter to Mother Earth letting her know that you now desire to live more in harmony and balance with her." Beautiful. And, your painting is beautiful too. Happy PPF

Carolyn Dube

I have always dreamed of planting a moon garden after reading about one in a magazine. Their version of a moon garden was one with white flowers so they captured moon light and looked good on moonlit nights. Love the moon and the blue with the green on yours!!


I love your paintings, they are magical and this one has this floating feel to it, so cool and refreshing. I do believe that is the best way to garden, has always worked well in our family, happy PPF and thanks for sharing with us!


Beautiful interesting post! Thanks for sharing this wonderful info! Happy ppf!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs Giggles


Very nice... I really like the point of view you used!
Happy PPF...

peggy gatto

I love the fluidity and color, just a beauty!

Hybrid J

Such dreamy and calm artwork. Very soothing. Well Done!

mandy at eight is enough our better homes and gardens we have a moon planting your


wonderful fluid feeling to your painting.
i love that you are wanting to garden in sync with the moon, that sounds wonderful. I remember so long ago hearing that when you cut your hair, if you want it to grow longer then cut it the day after a new moon. much the same as you have shared here.


What an interesting way to garden, I've never heard about this. Love your painting!


Mesmerzing art..deeply beautiful! and i loved what you wrote ..i too love following the moon..mother and working creatively with the magic of the garden and herbs...wonderful inspirational post!

Love the Moon and your plants! Beautiful! And good reminder of planting rules. I usually have to just get things in when I can - life keeps me from being that organized to plant at certain times of the month and not others.

Hope you'll show photos of your garden at some point!


When I was growing up, all the old people planted by the signs. It was always funny to see some newcomer scoff at their advice, and then watch the old timer's gardens flourish no matter what the weather.

Thanks for reminding me about this. I'm going start paying more attention when I garden.

Love your Moon Garden painting.


Julie, this is a very interesting post. I love learning about things from you. The scientic and spiritual reasons for gardening by the moon are both very interesting.

Your painting is beautiful. I have come back several times to look at it and enjoy it. It is so peaceful and full of magic.

Daniele Valois

oh, this is just lovely!


That's gorgeous! What a great story behind your painting. It really is beautiful!

Liz Powley

I love the greens and light and textures in this. Wonderful.

Best wishes,


Of course I know of planting with the moon phases but I never knew the science bit! thank you for that. Your painting is beautiful. that moon positively glows!

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