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January 22, 2012


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~good morning my dear friend...much time has passed and missed you have been...i see though that your creative heart and mind has continued to flourish in the ever most beautiful of ways...i think each what if should definitely be...love love love this post my friend...much love light and blessings~

ps...in case the name has confused you as it has for most...faerwillow was the name i had been writing under~

Scarlett Clay

Beautiful painting and poem..."no worries, no cares"...(sigh)..sounds wonderful. Your painting evokes the light I often see at dusk, it reminds me of the twinkle of fireflies, so pretty :)


Brilliant! A wonderful world and I loved reading your words.

Pauline Leger

Love the writing and the painting!
I'm currently reading a book by Jewel and your writing reminded me of hers.
Thanks for sharing. xoxo


Thank you Julie, I needed that! Beautiful world you have created, and I love the you floating in the river, who looks to me like a River Goddess, or perhaps like the unity of one with nature.
Janice. x


Julie, both your words and your painting are incredibly beautiful. As I always do when visiting your site, I went back to look and enjoy again and again. Thank you.

Annette G

Loving both the words and your gorgeous fantasy painting. Beautiful work. Happy PPF, x

Nora Clemens-Gallo

Love your painting, just love it!


A wild and crazy (and beautiful) painting. I love it. It just screams: freedom.


Very nice! I love the colors and texture.

Tracey Fletcher King

This is a really beautiful piece... my favourite of what I have seen of your work... it has movement and colour and such joy... happy painting and ppf


Very nice, it looks like a fantasy garden!


This is just so hauntingly beautiful. I love the poem too.


Wild and wonderful!! What if.... it really existed? I would love to visit!

(Great poem too)

Mary C. Nasser

Gorgeous painting and prose!
I love your wild landscape! :)

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Helen Campbell

What if... today I needed to hear that. Your "Wild Place" is wonderful... it's as if your words set it free. Happy PPF! Helen @ Natures Walk Studio


I loved your painting. The poems going with it was awesome as well. Have a great weekend.

Phoenix Peacock

love that wild place! it looks so magical


Beautiful painting...and Poetry.
Congrats on finishing the Sketchbook.
Your work is lovely.
Wishing you a Happy PPF!
Sheri Cook/HappyHorseStudio


Beautiful poetry and very strongly with the painting, Wat if? nothing, nothing, perhaps be happy.


That is gorgesou! And a lovely poem to go along. :)

Carolyn Dube

I love all that is happening in your painting- so many details that I keep noticing each time I look back at it while I am writing this. Love her in the water!!!


Wow!! Beautiful and blissful..stunning art..I feel a connection to this piece..and your words I deeply understand within my soul..gorgeous poetry! Shine on..this is my fave now!


That is such a marvelous, magical painting.


Love to come by and read your poems. The painting reflects the poem perfectly! Amazing!


Wonderful painting and poem! Happy PPF!


I love this wild place, and the poem, too. I want to go there!

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

WOW! I LOVE THIS! She reminds me of Ophelia, xoxo

Nicole Campanella/Beadwright

I want to go to your What IF land. Very nice piece of art. Lovely

Ellie @ The Sheep Lady

Wow! I love your work, so magical and fantastical.


Such a pretty work and full of magic!


I am just so impressed with your Beautiful work! Xoxoxo

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