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December 02, 2011


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Carol (artmusedog)

Very creative ~ lovely ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ~


A tiny tea fairy. You are so creative and she is very lovely. There is nothing better than tea on a cold day.

Pauline Leger

You made this teapot?!? It looks great from where i'm sitting!
Your tiny tea fairy is very cool & creative. (we artists will paint on ANYTHING, won't we?? We'll paint on toilet paper if we have to...) LOL
Happy weekend!


I love tea too and I'm in Tea on Tuesdays with Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons. Very creative and fun what you did here.


Talk and reuse and recycle! Lovely tea fairy!


very dreamlike ...how very creative...xxx


Superb teapot, and the tea fairy is great :)

Carol Samsel

Very nice!!!! I love tiny paintings :0)


So creative, I have never thought about painting on a tea bag, I love the idea of a tea fairy! :)

Mary C. Nasser

What a unique idea to open up a tea bag, stain it, and paint on it!
I am a big fan of tiny paintings, too! :)

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Daniele Valois

Wow, neat! And that pot...oh my!


Nice tea fairy and you did a good job making that professional teapot!

Hybrid J

Such fun project ... very creative!

Timeless Rituals

You're so creative!! She's wonderful!!

Carolyn Dube

I love the creative mind - only a creative person would see that tea bag as a painting surface! Your fairy rocks!

Scarlett Clay

Now that is the most creative canvas I've seen! Love your little tea fairy and as always the colors are beautiful and dreamy.



Very creative! You made that little teapot?! It's SO cute as is your little tea fairy ~ xo


So enchanting and super gorgeous..I am smitten with the colors too..beautiful work!


That teapot is adorbale! Happy PPF!


The teapot is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
The fairy is so cute.
I love your faces:)
And I love recycling...bravo!!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires

Wow! Great idea! I will look at my tea bags differently now. :)

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

WOW! That is SO cool! I am so impressed - and share your love of all things tea! Thank you too for your visit and sweet comment, xoxo


I am super impressed with the teapot, I have always wanted to learn to do that. And how cool to use the tea label to paint your fairy.

Elisa Choi

cute fairy and creative way to make use of scraps. :)

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