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November 30, 2011


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Looks like Jes is ready to have some fun. Lovely to have discovered your blog and your amazing faces:)
I shall keep popping by to see what you are up to.
Have fun!


Congratulations on completing the challenge, Julie! It's been so much fun following along and I intend to visit again. Keep up with your beautiful creations!

Love, light and peace,
Serena xo


I think carefree is the way to be. I try hard but have not achieved that status yet but that does not mean it can't happen. Jess, looks like she is ready to have fun in a questioning sort of way. I think she could have a whole series of adventures on her own.
I have enjoyed spending this month with you. Of course I will be back often to see more of your beautiful paintings.

Terrie: Creative Explorer

Congrats on finishing the AEDM! It was sure a blast & I look forward to doing it again next year.

tammy vitale

I think questions ARE wise! They always mean we're reaching outside of our known ground - which is how we grow. And I'm so sure there is such a thing as a unicorn pegasus - it's just that no one has thought of depicting one yet!

Carolyn Dube

The more you learn the more you question! I have enjoyed seeing your art this month!!! I'll keep dropping by to see what you're making!


I love your questions! I'll be back to visit again. . . so happy to have found you.


The Fool asks questions and is both innocent and wise. And the wisest person imaginable always knows there is more to learn. A lovely way to end the month.
Have a lovely weekend Julie.

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