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November 29, 2011


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No I don't want to say goodbye to November. I have enjoyed this month. She is very dreamy and your painting has a very mystical quality:)


I think I have a new favourite among your magical creatures...this one is beautiful!

November has flown by for me and it's hard to believe there's only one day left. I've enjoyed the AEDM challenge so much ~ :)

Lisa WrightStuff

Oh but she's so beautiful... stay a while longer... do!


Julie, she is lovely. Again, I am drawn in by her eyes. I want to know what she is thinking about.
This has been a great month and I will be sorry to see it go. I am looking forward to a wonderful December and all that it holds.

Carolyn Dube

NO I AM NOT READY for November and AEDM to end! Good thing I can still check in on your blog and get a look at your beautiful fairy spirits!


OOooh. This so dreamy! Love it. And, no, can't believe November is over. At least we are one month closer to summer. :-)

tammy vitale

ooooooooooooooo - I am TOTALLY in love with this! She is beautiful and fiery yet serene - a perfect image for my own Aries nature! I don't mind November leaving, but I'm not quite ready for the art every day to leave. A FB friend and I are going to continue on FB (easier than a post every day - I used to do that but it's a challenge these days). I already have my Dec 1 picture ready to post!


Yes - the eyes have it. There is something about this face that grabs the attention. She looks like she's sleeping in dappled sunlight.

Hope you've enjoyed meeting all your AED fairies.

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