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November 25, 2011


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she does seem mermaidish though...interesting and still an angel!!!! smiles have been showing up, yay!
cheers, dana


Actually ... ancestors! I've been researching my family tree! Your guardian angel is beautiful.

Annette G

Enchanting. Happy PPF and have a great weekend. x

Gloria J Zucaro

Her eyes attract me, very watery looking. What's up with me? Trying to decide on my direction in my art for next year. Last year I did a lot of portrait, this year the blog and many small still life paintings. Shall I do contemporary/impressionistic landscapes, or learn how to do flowers?


Lots of synchroncity has been showing up. It has all been pointing to the fact that my creativity may be leading to something fun. I love your guardian angel. She is someone we all would love to have stay close to us.

Tracey Fletcher King

I really like this one and trying to decide if she is my favourite for the month or not... hard to choose... sadly ironing has been showing up in my life... where it comes from I have no clue, but every time I walk into the laundry it is there multiplying... not a lovely subject like your fairies though...xx


She's glorious :)

What's been showing up? Quite a bit of stuff I could do without; but also friendship, healing, and other positive. Oh, and for some reason, a lot of creativity ;)

Glass half full and hopefully getting fuller :)

Carol (artmusedog)

OOOOOOOOOh ~ She is lovely and very magical ~ Wow! thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

Paula - Buenos Aires

Sweet looking angel! So soft and pretty.

Victoria angelic..and full of so many healing color vibrations...awesome..enjoy!


she looks like an angel sprite, very ethereal.

Very pretty and hauntingly angelic.


OH she's beautiful, Julie....I too am thinking she just might be my favourite for the month so far. :)


Such movement and serene color palette.


Oh, such airy delicate movement you have captured, sort of like being brushed by wings, I imagine.


She's very ethereal and pretty, I' ve had little almost stick figure happy and sad girls showing up lately, I'll have to post some soon!


Oh your Guardian is beautiful, I love her!!! Deb


oops...on my phone that word comes up instead of here ...bummer...well..i love can delete that last comment...darn phone keypads

Daniele Valois

really like her! Love all the blue. Nothing has been showing up for me. I am at a wall.


I think she is just wonderful. Love the colors,and movement. thanks for sharing.

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