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November 21, 2011


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Kristin Van Valkenburgh

What a beautiful poem and piece! She has such a lovely expression and the story behind it is perfect! Thank you for sharing, xoxo


I love the poem but I especially love knowing that she knows how to regrow her wings. In life there are times when we can fly and times when we are grounded but to never forget how to fly is the key (at least for me). Your poem and your painting really compliment each other.

Carolyn Dube

I really love when there is a poem/story to go with a piece of art! The way you have her head illuminated gives such a nice touch of a halo while leaving it up to the viewer to interpret it!

tammy vitale

and how did she learn to regrow her wings? The story isn't finished and inquiring minds want to know! =]


I'm so glad the poem had a happy ending. She certainly has an angelic glow about her. Lovely!

Scarlett Clay

I love this poem...I hope she'll share her secret, too, sometime. The words "There was a time"..really resonate with me, so much has changed in my life this last year..Lovely painting, too, her gaze matches the mood of the poem so well.


Julie Engelhardt

Thanks everyone, I guess the story will need to continue!


Your words and painting are so perfectly matched. We all feel like that sometimes. I'm pleased she realised she could start again. :)

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