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September 22, 2011


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Carol (artmusedog)

Yep love my life! Your painting is delightful! Love it! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) and Happy PPF ^_^


Yep...loving life, and loving your beautiful purples and blues too.


your colors are lovely ~ such a positive and lively piece.

Pop Art Minis

Beautiful colors...purples and blues are so soothing...lovin' it and lovin' my life too! POP ART MINIS


Love your painting! Valerie


We should always love our life no matter how hard it sometimes gets. Your mermaid is beautiful and so very full of vibrant life.These colours are probably some of my very favourite combined.


Love all these shades of purple.:)


Gorgeous, dreamy colors! And, yes, loving my life. :)


How Ethereal! Happy Paint Party Friday!


Luna is gorgeous! Yes I love my life especially Paint Party Friday, yipeeeeee!!! Deb


I love how everything looks as if it is floating by. Lovely colors! Happy PPF!


Loving her lashes as well as her pinkish-indigo world under the sea! Beautiful job!!

Kristin Dudish

Love the purple and yep, love my life (well, for the most part! hee hee)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mary C. Nasser

Wonderful violet washes. So dreamy!


Most days I really do. Love the watery washes!

Andrea Thompson

lovely colors! Yes, I love my life...wish I could change a few things that I can't so just trying to accept them now!

Heather Foust

Love the colors!!! Beautiful Mermaid!!

Paula - Buenos Aires

Most days. :) My daughter is the little mermaid of my life and she certainly loves hers.


Beautiful! Happy Paint Party Friday!


Love the colors. She's a beautiful mermaid and yes I do love my life. Thanks for asking and I of course hope you love yours too. Happy week.


I do love my life and it is nice to write that for everyone to see. I am so glad your mermaid loves hers. She is lovely.


What a happy, happy mermaid. Love her! I'm working on loving my life. Sometimes it's a challenge.

Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement on my blog. It really means a lot to me.

Daniele Valois

You have such a style all your own!!! Beautiful!

Scarlett Clay

Lovely lovely pretty and blended....
Well, I have a little one that has one of the rarest diseases on the planet, and to say I loved my life would not be true right now. But I do love him and love the way art helps me process and rise above the things that I don't particularly 'love' about life right now. :) Enjoy your paintings!


Yes, I love my life, retired,happy and healthy. Have been in a slump concerning painting, but everyone here inspires me. You have a happy mermaid, ya. Her colors show her happiness.

Julie Engelhardt

Thanks everyone, It's really nice to hear that we love our lives or at least parts of our lives even with our challenges.

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