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September 29, 2011


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Beautiful art...she is fabulous!

Carol (artmusedog)

She is mystical and magical ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) HPPF ^_^


Not really a daydreamer, but I know some very nice ones! I love your use of greens and blues together. Once upon a time, I was told that was a no-no, but it turns out to be one of my favorite color combos.

Pop Art Minis

Love the green and blue...magical for sure! POP ART MINIS

Roban Studio

She certainly looks like she's caught in a daydream! Love the cool colors and all the energy in her hair. Happy PPF! :-)

Annette G

Happy PPF, your paintings always make me smile. x

Mary C. Nasser

Just beautiful!
I love the huge eyes and all the eyelashes!

Of course, I love the blues and greens, too!

Happy PPF!

Scarlett Clay

What a treat, I just love the colors of your paintings, they are so pretty, this one's colors are so calming...yes, I've been daydreaming this afternoon...about cooler weather and pumpkin projects!
Have a great weekend!

Kat Griffin

OF COURSE I AM ! would exist no other way
Happy Autumn to you
lovely lady with green hair I made a lady with green hair and I no longer know where it is I did it when i was a pre-teen. I do not have any reason or rhyme why I made her hair green...maybe I am just a nature love at heart and in my soul like you

- KAT -


How cool a green haired lady, a sea siren perhaps? Happy Paint Party Friday! ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33


I have to chime in and compliment your beautiful color choices.

According to my teachers, I never did anything but daydream.


I love the cool green & blue combo ... she's a beautiful daydreamer :)


I am! I am! And I've noticed that I've 'dreamed' many things into reality! Lovely green/blue sea colours Julie.
Janice. x

Daniele Valois

nice colors


Me too, me too! Its funny cuz my boyfriend always criticizes me for being unrealistic and just now I read this post outloud to him and you know what he said in response? He said " Dream On!" Ha ha ha, he thinks he's funny but yes I think I will do just that and keep on DREAMING a beautiful world into existence!Thank you for such an encouraging post and I adore your painting, its gorgeous!!!! Deb


Pretty greens and she looks quite thoughtful for sure. Nice job! Happy PPF!

Kristin Dudish

I love the tilt of her head... Perfect for a daydreamer :)
(I am definitely a daydreamer too!)


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