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August 26, 2011


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William Charlebois

Woops! I thought she was a mermaid. But she makes a beautiful fairy angel, too. Your work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the postcards you received, too. I'm looking forward to swapping again next year.

Bill from Michigan


Your fairy angel is beautiful! And you got a nice set of cards right back. :)


Lovely indeed! I really like your angel that you created. Thanks for sharing with us here!


Great collection! I'm with you... mail is usually pretty boring - until Kat made it kinda special.


it was fun.. glad you got mine so that I could find you and your lovely work!

Kat Sloma

I loved the dreaminess and color of your piece. It really caught my eye out of the many I saw! I'm so happy you joined the swap and shared your experience of the hop. Mail was fun again, if only for a little while!


I love what you sent! It has an Ophelia quality but also very dreamlike. And you got some lovely returns.
Thanks for sharing,

Ann Isik

Hello Julie
Does your name translate to Angel Heart I wonder? It would be appropriate.

Just bloghopping the Liberate Your Art swap.
Nice to meet you! I am particularly drawn to your watercolours, which may not be surprising since you feel so attuned to the 'watery realm'.

Hope to meet you in next year's swap.



All lovely! This is definitely fun.


Your card is lovely and the ones you received are too. This has been a fun adventure seeing everyone's cards.

Rosie Grey

What a beautiful collage you made with those wonderful postcards!


This certainly was a wonderful exchange! I loved all the variety of mediums that were included. I was so glad that I received your art! Thanks again!


So happy to see you received a postcard from me. My wee, (then, she is 18 tomorrow!) niece made me the bird house. It made me so happy when I received it and I sometimes will look at it...and dream of fairies, goodness, peace and fun. Love your post.


You created a wonderful, marvelous card. Thanks for sharing what you received. Just having fun hopping around blogland.

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