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July 29, 2011


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I think it's great. I have a few bloggie friends that are really into mermaids. They paint them, feel as if they are a part of them. Nothing wrong with that. It's what you feel and that's just fine. Nice paintings. Have a great weekend. Happy PPF!

Phoenix Peacock

I have another friend that is a mermaid, so I think its perfectly normal! I l ove the painting and the heart shaped face! Happy PPF


I don't think its silly at all, i think we all have feelins of belonging in cetain spots more than others,,if we let our selves feel them,, to actually know where you feel a sense of connection is wonderful,, it comes through in your work,, beautiful.

Jenn H

I love how you described what it feels like to be a mermaid! xoxo What I love about your paintings is that there is such a beautiful flow of colors - reminds me of ocean waters!!


Gorgeous, & I don't think it's a stretch to picture you as a mermaid :)


Beautiful in all ways, Mermaid Julie!

I wish I were closer to the sea. When I snorkel I feel very mermaid-like too.

Heather Foust

Whats wrong with calling yourself a mermaid??? I think it is great!

Shah Wharton

I love the colours. I couldn't possibly be a mermaide - I get a pressure in my chest in deep water - some sort of panic no doubt. It constricts my breathing. Very annoying because I love swimming - I'm just terrible at it.

Love it if you would link up at my creative weekend blog hop between friday and sunday every week. Heres the link for this weeks -

Hop along if your fancy it.

Shah. X


I love the sea too, just sorry I don't live nearer!


Look at her sweet face. :) I think we all feel conected to something or other. For you it's a mermaid for me it's a cat. :)

Crystal Clear

In the past whenever things were not going right I would take the 2 1/2 trek to the ocean...walk directly onto the beach and everything would just fall into place. I can totally see why you are a mermaid! and I love your mermaid painting by the way! :-)


I don't think it is silly to call yourself a mermaid. I think you are very lucky to know yourself and what you like and need. So many people spend years trying to find themselves. You have the gift of knowing who you are and what makes you happiest.


Oh she is sensational, I love her!!!!! Great work Julie!Deb

Sheri Cook

I love the ocean and the peace it gives to me as well. The constant lull of lapping waters and unending surges moving inland. We go every September! HAPPY PPF to you!

Paula - Buenos Aires

She looks so happy.
I have two mermaid friends plus my mom and my daughter. :D


When I lived in Australia my friends used to call me a mermaid as the sand, sea and myself just seemed to merge into one :) So yep! I hear you and send hugs to you my mermaid friend :)x


I love mermaids too!! And I've painted a few myself. Loving this piece, it's very fluid and full of energy!!! Lovely work!


Wonderful and fab painting...definitely channeling your inner mermaid! POP ART MINIS


I don't think its silly if you feel such a strong affinity for the ocean. I also love to live near by water - I don't think I would ever like to live somewhere in the middle of a country nowhere near the sea.

Elisa Choi

she is lovely... and speaking of which I love to be near the ocean too. I am not a water sport person but staying where the ocean is gives me a peaceful feeling.. somehow the ocean carries off all the stress of life and just hearing its sounds is enough to make you smile. Hello mermaid!:)

Kristin Dudish

I think her blue and red colors are wonderful and she has such a sweet heart shaped face :)


p.s. A girl I went to high school with turned out to be a mermaid... she was always magical, so it wasn't a big surprise.


A very lovely painting.
Mermaids are just so magical and whimsical and this art piece has both.


Andrea Thompson

not silly, wonderful and free spirited!!!


I like the idea that you make such a connection to the sea and I think your painting is fluid and happy Dxx


I like the ocean myself. Hummm, you must be a Pisces? Lovely painting and thoughts about your inner self. Happy belated PPF. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. :-)


Not at all silly! I feel a connection primarily to the earth but I love being beside water.

jack @ drawing

Great artwork over here, love your latest posts. It reminds me of this:
Drawings Paintings Prints
I'm trying to learn how to draw, I really need to find more blogs like yours and this, can you suggest me some more?
Will certainly come back!

Julie Engelhardt

Hi Jack,
thanks so much for stopping by, I'm glad you like my art and blog! I'll be in touch with some info for you.

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