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June 05, 2011


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B @ Sweet Limes

There is something about finishing those projects isn't there? I like the feeling of completion. I think for me it's about leaving something I started to say in the middle of it.


Congratulations on finding the right place to sell your prints. That must be very exciting.

I started a book last year. After about 6 months I put it aside but all of a sudden I think it is time to complete the story. My goal is to work on it everyday this summer and see how far I get. I am excited about the prospect of finishing it.

Your sleeping fairy angel is really pretty. She looks both peaceful and happy to me. Thank you for sharing her with us.


Your sleeping fairy angel is beautiful. She speaks to me of the womb and waiting for the right time to come. I've been working solidly on unfinished projects for the last two years and have almost finished all those projects I started with such excitement in previous years and then somehow didn't finish. It does feel good to be getting on top of everything! One of my projects was 24 years in the making! Well done on finding an outlet for your prints.
Love, Jx


How exciting! Congratulations. Your sleeping fairy is so lovely. Glad you've been getting things completed (I totally need to do some of that!) and that you've been seeing many rainbows. It's wonderful when the beautiful is very obvious in our lives. Sometimes it seems like it's everywhere.


beautiful,, love the sleeping angel,, your work is just magical,, I found you through the paint party, glad I did,,I'm your newest follower,

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