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May 06, 2011


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Diana Evans

lovely hues and shades of blue!!!

Happy PPF!!!


nice work.


Beautiful. Is she your angel of sorts?


Beautiful Julie!

Is your blue lady you? Or your muse?

Love the flow of your paintings.

Stephanie Corder

Oohh, VERY mysterious words, AND painting. I LOVE it!
Happy PPF,


There seems to be a similarity to your Lady in Blue and you....I am kind of wondering the same as Eva.
A very lovely water colour.

Annabelle xx >^..^<


Oh, so nice! we need to know what other ways she shows up for you!

Heather Foust

Beautiful! I think the blue lady appears in all of our lives at sometime.


Love the blues. I like that title. The Blue Lady. Very nice Julie. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

heather stillufsen

oooh, i love the blue here!


She's a lovely lady, your blue lady.


She is really very beautiful. Like many of the others I would love to know more about her.


Beautiful woman ... but very cold right?

B @ Sweet Limes

She looks magical, like she's a fairy or a mermaid or something of the sort, maybe a tree nymph... Whoever she is she's beautiful.


She's blue & beautiful!


Love watercolor, love the way she seems to have just appeared.

Hybrid J

Wonderful dreamy color. Nice work! ;)

Mary Hysong

love the colors bleeding and blending to create her face~ Happy PPF!


Love her and would love to hear more of that story. Happy PPF.


This is so beautiful, Julie. Like Mary's comment above, I love the bleeding that creates her face.
Re your comment on my blog about the necklace - yes, it would be perfect for a mermaid! The potato pearls are a kind of freshwater pearl too! Why didn't I think of that before?!
Janice. x


She's absolutely beautiful!

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