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May 27, 2011


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Loving the flow and colors of this piece! HAPPY PPF!


this is lovely,, the colors are just so vibtant


Gorgeous! Love everything about it!


Yes, I do believe in a happy future. Love the colors of your piece, very nice. Thanks for sharing and for your touching words. Happy PPF!


Lovely painting and thoughts! I wish to think that for future generations. Happy PPF! Theresa


nice words to go with your painting.

Annette G

Oh wow, what a beautiful painting and great words to go with it. Happy PPF, Annette x


I do!!

And this is a very happy, beautiful painting Julie.

I love the contrast between the trees and the background.

Kimberly Roberts

i TOTALLY agree with you!!! and love your painting! Happy PPF!


gosh, your painting is beautiful.
i like you believe we are in the midst of new beginnings, change that can turn fabulous. it is a time for opportunity to dream a new dance and then to make it reality.


Beautiful colors ... convey feelings.


This is a very amazing piece. Wow. I love it and the feelings/emotions it evokes. Nice work. :)

Brenda Thour

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful painting! I love the colors and the flow and movement of the painting!!!



Carola Bartz

The colors are amazing!! I love this!


Another beautiful painting and beautiful words to go with it. I believe in a happy future, too!

Kristin Dudish

Wow - the colors and textures in this are incredible! I love the optimism in this post too... Beauty and wonder are all around us if we just take the time to look :)



Yes! What a brilliant way to put things. I love this painting, it is simply gorgeous, and very inspiring.

Terrie in Seattle

OMG - This is fabulous! The colors, the organic swirls, the happy emotion expressed. Really great painting; I love it. I can only aspire to have my watercolors be so vibrant and energetic.


So much love and bright energy here--you're piece communicates beautifully. :)


So nice to hear some one else say it. The news & press would have us believe the world id coming to an end they rule by fear! but your so very right I have seen so much creativity in PPF here on this blog post to ;0) and Spring is a constant reminder that the newness will always continue nature is resilient. Yes there is much we can & should do but indeed we SHOULD focus on it's beauty ;0) and as artist of one kind or another we do

Love Dawn xx


I am so glad to 'hear' you say that...that is exactly what I believe!!! And the painting is vibrant and amazing♥♥


Yes I DO believe as you! :) What a gorgeous painting! I LOVE those colors blending together. Fantastic work!

Paula - Buenos Aires

SO pretty! Lovely colours, love the subtle merge of hues.

Crystal Clear

You have created such beauty. I love the colors! :-)


Lovely painting, lovely words - I'd be happy to ave copy of this!


This painting is gorgeous....so full of color and hope and the beauty you speak of!

I don't contemplate the end of the world....we are all here on borrowed time anyways....let's just enjoy what time we have however long that may be....and seek out the truths that make being here worth while :)

Art and love are 2 of mine <3


Julie, this is an incredible painting. The colors blend together so beautifully.
I do believe in new beginnings, fantastic futures, and hope. It is all there for us. We just have to create a life that celebrates who we are. And then enjoy each and every special moment.


thankyou for visiting,, I love this on too,


Beautiful! Patsy from HeARTworks


Well I do now, after reading this! :-D

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