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April 08, 2011


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This fairy mermaid definitely has attitude. I love the addition of the mouse. Your painting made me smile which is what I believe art should do. Make us happy!!


Mermaids are so cool and i love the colors you used in this one!

Carola Bartz

I love how sometimes something emerges into a painting that we weren't thinking of. Wonderful colors in this painting.


I like your fairy mermaid. She looks like she is just posing for the camera or in this case the artist. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


I love mermaids, nice colours too.


So cool! I love how the mouse appears almost out of nowhere and is having tea with her.Pretty Mermaid. Happy PPF! Theresa

Stephanie Corder

Love that "over the shoulder" pose- fabulous! Also love her hair and your color choices. Great job!
Happy PPF!


An odd tea couple but they seem very content with each other's company. :)


Linda siren, with a beautiful tail, a fun job


Your fairy mermaid seems to be very sophisticated and her little mouse companion is too cute!


Glad your fairy got to share her tea with such a sweet little friend!

Kristin Dudish

Ooooh neat - look at that blue hair!... and wow, that tail! I think your discovery of her mouse friend is great :)


I love the creativity in this piece

Lisa WrightStuff

Well of course the mouse wanted to join her, who wouldn't?
Lovely painting with such swirly colours.
I wrote a post about the sea earlier this week too - I was within about 2 miles of it but never got to see it.


This is a fun painting, very whimsical great color and wonderful concept. I am glad you brought out the mouse, just adorable.


This one is right up my mermaids and whimsical settings like this! You have a beautiful, creative mind. Great job!!

Annette G

This looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland under the ocean and I adore what you have created. Annette

Pam Tucker

Oh, the mermaid is so divine! It's a beautiful painting. The mouse turned up because it was meant to be! ;)


how sweet to have a mermaid and a mouse
i love that you went with the flow and included it
your flowing feeling and colors are so lovely


Oh, how utterly whimsical is this! Love the mouse, such a great little furry friend to have join a gorgeous mermaid for tea! Beautiful work!

Annabelle ~^..^~

Carrie Martinez

Oh, I just love her sideways glance over her shoulder. Her look has such elegance and poise...that mouse must be some kind of guy!! Lovely colors!

Lovely Julie!! What an adorable mouse and sophisticated mermaid!

So happy you could join in for Paint Party Friday!

Lynn Stevens

Oh mermaids making me wish for warmer weather, great use of colors!


So powerful and beautiful and dreamy..i love the color-energy and spirit to this piece...wonderfully inspiring!

Kathryn Kelton

So cute and full of fun =) Kathryn

Ana Goncalves

What a truly beautiful partnership. The mermaid and the mouse go so well, reflecting and balancing each other. Your painting is absolutely beautiful. :) Happy Creative every day.


This painting made me giggle. She looks so smug and happy! I love the addition of the mouse. So colorful and cheery!


Love it! I love how in the world of merfolk tables and chairs only need one leg too!

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