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December 06, 2010


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Julie Jordan Scott

Oh, Julie, the world IS filled with with color, rainbows, gardens, fairies and miniature unicorns! We are the ones who are in the know, it is others who are blinded by what they BELIEVE to be true rather than what we KNOW is true.....

Ahhh, lovely.


Love her little cute face :-)

B @ Sweet Limes

Well, we see what we look for don't we? So why not look for those beautiful things?

Ana Goncalves

That's a beautiful way to be, being true to you. :) There is beauty in everything, even in the dark as it is here that one finds a greater value to all of life itself. I see color even in the saddest tear, for there is so much learning and joy here. I see a world as much surrounded by love, as it is filled with the dark, because it brings spark. There are so many great things, even if they may not be very happy at all. What counts is what you choose to see. :) Lovely painting, and thank you so much for sharing it and your thoughts with us.
Have a very beautiful creative every day month and enjoy. ~


Thanks, Julie, Pavinee, B and Ana for all your beautiful words.


We are what we focus on, that's the way I see it. I see the world as a giant pendulum with all the bad energy and bad thoughts on one side and the good on the other. The more of us there are really trying to add our lot to the good thoughts and deeds, the better it is for the world. I don't always achieve what I set out to do in this regard, but I try, and on balance I do. So yes, I'm with you, but I think the impact is stronger than simply bringing into sharper forcus the good things for ourselves.
Hope you're having a lovely week, Julie.
Janice. x


Absolutely Janice!

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